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Polki Collection

A celebration of India's rich cultural heritage. Polki, a traditional form of uncut diamond jewellery is revered for its raw unrefined beauty.

At Firuzeh we use diamonds and vibrant gemstones such as tourmalines and tanzanites set in gold with polki to create classic yet unique pieces. Each piece in our collection is a true representation of Indian Craft with every article painstakingly handcrafted using the age old techniques.

Immerse yourself in our Polki jewellery and reminisce about the bygone era reimagined for the contemporary world.


Rubina Ring

₹ 92,000 INR

Mahira Ring

₹ 71,500 INR

Alizeh Ring

₹ 48,000 INR

Alizey Polki Studs

₹ 92,000 INR

Noor Earrings

₹ 62,000 INR

Saba Earrings

₹ 148,000 INR

Hasrat Earrings

₹ 62,000 INR

Sultana Earrings

₹ 73,000 INR

Hadid Earrings

₹ 68,000 INR

Rubina Earrings

₹ 118,000 INR

Aini Ring

₹ 52,000 INR

Sultana Ring

₹ 152,000 INR