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“Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love.”


Firuzeh is not just a story about creating finely crafted jewels but it is also a story about who I am and my journey

I first began designing in 2016 and learnt in the best way possible. On the job.

A ‘Raj soni’ (traditional jeweller and mastercraftsman) had come to our ancestral home to take an order from my mother in law and that's when I commissioned my first piece of jewellery and thoroughly enjoyed the entire process. Finalising the design on paper and then getting the ghat (frame) made before the polki and enamel was carefully done with hand picked gemstones strung to finish the final piece. The entire process was beautiful and fulfilling for me especially when I held the final piece in my hand.

Soon after began an unhealthy obsession with collecting and hoarding gemstones of all shapes sizes and colours leading me to do a formal course in manual jewelry design sometime in 2018 and that became my solace in times of covid. We had moved to our home near Ranthambore national park for a few months. That is where I spent my time creating, painting and perfecting the rendering I was taught in class. It took me back to school where I was an art enthusiast who loved to paint and draw but never really got a chance to pursue it.

It brought me inner peace and joy like I have never felt before. I feel like with Firuzeh I have come full circle.

My time spent at my paternal home of Amarkot in Sindh Pakistan, Karachi and eventually the pink city of Jaipur has largely shaped my aesthetic and contributed to what Firuzeh is.

Filigree and open setting of Sindh with intricate patterns in gold with a finesse and detail I haven't found anywhere else, with the unmatched enamel work of Jaipur has led me to strike a balance and create pieces reflective of the fine craftsmanship. I have had the privilege of seeing both sides of the border.


Firuzeh is born out of my love to make jewellery that makes a woman feel beautiful. I strongly believe there is beauty in simplicity and a quiet grace in being understated. That is what Firuzeh stands for. These are the values we want to live by and create.

I come from a community where traditions and customs are safeguarded and preserved and carried on elaborately even now. The most treasured items anyone owns are heirloom jewels and garments that are passed on from one generation to the next.

We take pride in the old.

I have grown up admiring my mothers heirloom jewels. There is a certain delicate detail about every piece and beautiful impeccable craftsmanship. I feel jewellery like that is rarely made anymore.Just like the remnants of a beautiful past.

A part of me wishes to recreate that in any small way I can.

To recreate the Magic.